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Superintendent Spotlight

Welcome to Stories from Lincoln Public Schools...our podcast that gives you an inside look at the people, activities and programs that make Lincoln Public Schools the wonderful place it is. In this episode we hear from Superintendent Steve Joel and Communications Coordinator Mindy Burbach as they present the latest Superintendent's Spotlight. Also, Jason Keese joins the podcast to share his stories of the week!


In the Arts

  • 🎓 Today is the last day of the 1st quarter!
  • 🍁 Fall break on Thursday and Friday
  • 🎓 Next Monday starts the 2nd quarter
    • Elementary students not in attendance while staff have a plan day
  • 🎶 LPS Marching Band Contest
    • Saturday at Seacrest beginning at 11:15am
    • $8 for adults, $5 for students
    • Class AA bands, which include LPS high schools is scheduled to start around 2:15
    • Wraps up with awards around 5:15pm

In Athletics

Wednesday (10/16)

  • 🥎 State softball going on today in Hastings
    • North Star and Southwest both playing in the tournament as we record
    • Tournament will continue through Friday

Thursday (10/17)

  • 🎾 State boys tennis happening at the Koch tennis center in Omaha Thursday and Friday
  • 🏃‍♀️ Cross Country Districts at Pioneers at 3pm

Friday (10/18)

Saturday (10/19)

  • 🏐 

Sunday (10/20)

Monday (10/21)

  • 🏐 6pm Heartland Athletic Conference Volleyball Tournament Location TBA
    • Continues 5pm on Tuesday

Tuesday (10/22)


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