Stories from Lincoln Public Schools

Educational Service Units

Welcome to Stories from Lincoln Public Schools...our podcast that gives you an inside look at the people, activities and programs that make Lincoln Public Schools the wonderful place it is… In this episode we learn about a critical element of K-12 education in the State of Nebraska: our Educational Service Units or ESUs and specifically, Lincoln’s ESU 18.


In the Arts

  • 🎭 LNE: The Mother of Us All by Gertrude Stein
    • Wednesday at 7:30
    • Thursday at 7:30
    • Friday at 7:30
  • 🎶 Links Marching Band Competition
    • Saturday, All Day at Beechner
  • 🎤 Learning Lunch
    • Tuesday: “ABCs of Teaching English to Immigrant/Refugee Students”
  • 🎓 Last day of 1st Quarter
    • Next Wednesday

In Athletics

Thursday (10/10)

  • 🏐 6:30pm: LNS at LNE
  • 🏐 6:30pm: LSW at LHS

Friday (10/11)

Saturday (10/12)

  • 🏐 12pm: Lincoln Northeast and Southeast participating in a Double Dual tournament at Northeast

Sunday (10/13)

Monday (10/14)

  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: EHS at LSW

Tuesday (10/15)

  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: LSE at LNS

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