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Eagle Feather

In today’s episode we get to meet a recent graduate from Northeast High School who took part in the Eagle Feather program as part of graduation.


  • Special ceremony honors Bryan Community graduates
    • Approximately 55 seniors from the Bryan Community Focus Program crossed the stage at Lincoln East High
    • Penrod explained why the Bryan mascot of the Phoenix is an important reminder for students.
      • The Phoenix represents a symbol of renewal, of overcoming darkness and succeeding.
    • “Many of our graduates have experienced their own personal darkness. Some had given up countless times, some had many people give up on them. A few were told they would never graduate. And a few more experienced loss, failure and bad luck. However challenging these situations were, our graduates chose the option of renewal, of taking advantage of an opportunity to atone for past mistakes and missteps,” Penrod said.
  • East history teacher wins prestigious fellowship
    • Alise Pape, a history teacher at Lincoln East High School, has been awarded a James Madison Fellowship, one of only 53 awarded nationwide.
    • She can use the $24,000 prize toward earning an advanced degree that includes a concentration of courses on the history and principles of the U.S. Constitution.
    • “Neither of my parents have college degrees, and obtaining my master's degree has always been a goal of mine so this all still feels surreal,” said Pape, who will continue teaching at East while pursuing her master’s degree in American History. “I am so fortunate to be offered this fellowship and to be given the opportunity to become a more well-rounded educator for my students. This application started as a desire to be a better educator, and now I am humbled receive this opportunity so that I can better serve my community and my students.”


  • Board Meetings
    • June 11: Work Session at 4:30 and Regular Meeting at 6pm
  • Communications Say What Annual Workshop
    • Friday, June 21 from 7:30 to noon at the District Office
    • Example Sessions
      • Another Crisis, Another Plan
        • Another school year, another list of calamities and predicaments, another year of essential emergency communication. Let’s have some fun remembering back over a year of successful crisis communications (and perhaps a couple that didn’t quite work).
      • Beatles, Bee Gees and Beyonce, Communicating and Managing Generational Differences
        • Understanding the intricacies and key differences among generations is important as we navigate an ever changing economic and political landscape.  Come hear what motivates and drives the three largest generations in today‘s workforce.
        • Presented from the unique and entertaining perspective of a boomer, a GenXer and a Millennial.
      • Branding: Be Your School's Brand Manager
        • A brand is more than just your logo or motto.  It is also about the perception your school creates in the minds of your students, parents and neighborhood when they see your name and logo.  Every school has a story, and everyone who comes in contact with your school comes away with that story. So what story does your school tell? Learn ways to keep your image consistent so your brand can be immediately recognizable. We’ll give you some quick fix ideas as well as some long-term goals to solidify your school’s brand in-house and in our community.
      • Podcasting: Pocket-Sized Information Sharing for Those on the Go
        • Grocery stores, weight rooms, gyms, sports field and on the road … everywhere you look people are plugged in to their podcasts! How can you tap into this trend and share beneficial information with the masses? Our communications team will share their tips and tricks on equipment and content.
  • Learn more at LPS Keyword “Say What

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