Superintendent Spotlight

September 05, 2019

Today we feature this week's Superintendent Spotlight with Steve Joel! He talks about the role of a superintendent and what his typical day looks like. He also previews the work that the Board of Education has before them over the next couple of months as they process the report from the Superintendent's Facility Advisory Committee.


‘Walk Together’ and celebrate 25th anniversary of MLK Youth Rally and March


Thursday (9/5)

  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: LNE v LSE at LSE

Friday (9/6)

  • 🎾 4pm: Boys Tennis: EHS vs LNS at Woods
  • 🏈 4:30pm: EHS vs LNE at Seacrest
  • 🏈 8pm: LSE vs LSW at Seacrest

Saturday (9/7)

Sunday (9/8)

Monday (9/9)

Tuesday (9/10)

  • 🥎 5pm: Softball: LNS vs LSW at Doris Bair
  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: LNS v EHS at EHS
  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: LNE v LHS at LHS

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