Mary Kay Roth

September 18, 2019

Today we have a special guest! Mary Kay Roth is the director of Communications. You’ve heard her on Stories from Lincoln Public Schools before doing the superintendent spotlight. She has also done other features in past years called Final Words were she talks with outgoing high school seniors and retiring staff to get their final thoughts. Mary Kay is retiring at the end of September and we want to get HER final words!


Thursday (9/19)

  • ⛳ morning: Girls varsity golf at Mahoney golf course
  • XC: 3:30: Pioneers Park
  • 🎾 4pm: Boys Tennis: EHS v LNE at Woods

Friday (9/20)

  • 🏐 3PM: LPS Championship Tournament at LSE and LSW
  • 🎾 4pm: Boys Tennis: EHS v LSE at Woods
  • 🏈 7pm: LSE vs EHS at Seacrest

Saturday (9/21)

  • 🏐 8:30am: LPS Championship Tournament Continues at LSE and LSW

Sunday (9/22)

Monday (9/23)

  • 🥎 5pm: Softball: LSE v LNE at Doris Bair
  • 🥎 5pm: Softball: LSW v LSE at Doris Bair

Tuesday (9/24)

  • PLC Day — Early Dismissal
  • ⛳ 9am: Girls varsity golf at highlands golf course
  • 🎾 4pm: Boys Tennis: LNE v LHS at Woods
  • 🏐 6:30pm: Volleyball: LSE at LSW
[caption id="attachment_602" align="alignnone" width="1024"]The Photo Wall in Mary Kay Roth's Office The Photo Wall in Mary Kay Roth's Office[/caption]

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